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free unlimited internet on http injector for Phillipine Sun, Globe and MGC

 Please download the settings according to your network.

 Click here to download Globe free internet configuration

 Click here to download Sun free internet configuration

 Click here to download MGC free internet configuration

If you want to visit the real the real post then click here
Globe, Sun, TNT free unlimited internet on http injector  for 2017, Free internet update on CellC and Telkom, Safaricom tweak for 2017, free 3g internet trick


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Raid: Vodacom SA free unlimited internet trick on Http injector

Note: Kindly note that you have to keep updating your configurations every 2 days from here

Choose any of the below links to download your configurations for the http injector trick on vodacom

Note: Clear your http injector cache if you are encountering errors and re-import the configurations!

Updated with SA hosts! 

1. Config expires on 6 July, 2017
Link 1 configuration download France Server
 Link 2 configuration download Netherlands Server Link 3 configuration download Germany Server 
2. Config expires on 10 July, 2017 (links coming sooon)  Link 1 configuration download South African Server  Link 2 configuration download US Server  Link 3 configuration download South Africa Server 2  Link 4 configuration download Canadian Server
 Link 5 configuration download Australian Server
Click here to visit


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CellC HTTP Injector Free Unlimited Internet Trick For South African Users and Update